Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Google Music - Two Spare Invites

I've started a new job as a web designer, working away from home which is great.  And naturally, in order to stimulate the creative juices necessary to creat fabulous websites I've been using Google Music, and it has proved to be exactly right.  

The user interface is nice and simple, so I can just find some music, stick it on and get on with work.  No more hoping Last.FM comes up with the right playlist, or jumping around YouTube videos. 

One little annoyance though is that in the top left corner, I've now got a little mail graphic, and the statement Invite A Friend: Two Invites Remaining.

So, if anyone wants one, drop me a message and I will gladly invite the first two people who contact me to take part in the fun.  

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  1. Bring some value back to this country..