Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Should Old People Drive?

I was just doing the bi-annual phone memory card spring clean, when I discovered this photo that I took in the legendarily sketchy Banbury.  Yes, the place contains the well known Banbury Cross but it has also been nicknamed BanBurberry, a thoroughly deserved title (and good advice).  

Banbury is a place full of bizarre people, and here is a perfect example of one.  I think the focus is obvious.  Has this chap accidentally got into his mobility scooter rather than his Kia?  Or if his chosen  mode of transport is intentional, can that vehicle really be road legal?  Can it be safe?  Surely at the very least, it's so slow as to greatly irritate anyone behind him, leading to severe road rage.  It's also probably awesomely fun, there's no need for air conditioning, and the guy probably doesn't give a shit so power to him. 

0 - 60 in a lifetime

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